Body Relaxer

A full body massage combined with neuro-muscular techniques to sooth achy muscles and an all over relaxation for your body and mind.

1 Hour – £50

Back, Neck and Shoulder

This massage uses a pressure that is tailored to your needs, to relieve stress and muscular tension, leaving you feel re-energised.

30 Minutes – £27

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone is a speciality massage therapy, using smooth basalt stones which are heated. The warmth from the stones allows a much deeper massage, soothing tight muscle tension and increase the body’s circulation. This is the ultimate treatment to relax and unwind.

Body and Scalp Massage – 65 minutes- £55
Back Neck and Scalp – 35 minutes- £30

Lava Shell

This treatment originates from the Philippines, and is a unique eco friendly massage using 100% natural tiger clam shells.

Lava shell relaxes the body 10 times more than normal massage,
and also helps to ease any muscle or joint aches and pains.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – 35 Minutes – £30